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The State Election Commission of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is headed by a State Election Commissioner appointed under Article 243 ZA read with Article 243 K of the Constitution of India and also under section 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957.

The Commission was constituted in 1993 but no other supportive posts were created. However, some staff was provided in diverted capacity. On continued demand and long persuation, the Government of NCT of Delhi, has sanctioned the 17 posts of different categories for a period of one year which are likely to be continued.

The nature of election work is regular in the sense that through the term of the House (MCD) is 5 years yet the Commission remains busy in keeping the electoral rolls up to date, updating the lists of polling stations consequent to revision of electoral rolls to meet any demand in the event of a bye-election or elections on account of resignation/death of a member or to hold general elections on the expiry of the term. Commission remains busy also in the post election work e.g. attending to election petitions, production of election records in the Courts, proper maintenance of all election records, inspection and supply of attested copies of admissible election documents to the public and the political parties, rendering the accounts of crores of rupees spent on elections, to the appropriate authority, settlement of accounts of election expenses filed by the candidates, to declare the defaulting candidates as ‘disqualified for 6 years on account of failure to file the return of election expenses within the prescribed time and manner. The above staff is, therefore, inadequate and is not able to attend to the normal day to day and post election work. Besides, no additional staff has been provided by the U.T. Chandigarh Administration for election in Chandigarh. The staff at Delhi also attends to election work in Chandigarh. In fact, as per decision of the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, is to accomplish election in Chandigarh with the staff provided in the Commission in the N.C.T. of Delhi and the expenditure incurred on staff is to be shared with the U.T. Chandigarh Administration, based on the population ratio of both the territories.

For the preparation of electoral rolls and the conduct of election to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the State Election Commissioner may appoint the following officers belonging to the Government of Delhi:-

  • One Secretary of the Commission
  • Nine District Election Officers for 272 MCD Wards
  • 35 Electoral Registration Officers for 272 wards
  • 70 Asstt. Electoral Registration Officers for 272 wards.
  • 68 Returning Officers for 272 wards
  • 272 Asstt. Returning Officers for 272 wards
  • 36 Election Observers
  • 34 Election Expenditure Obseli>1 Presiding Officer + 3 Polling Officer + 1 Group ‘D’ official for each of the 9649 polling stations plus 10% as reserve staff
  • Approximately 1,000 Sector Officers to supervise the poll
  • About 50,000 police personnel including Home Guards are also deployed by the Police for maintenance of law and order during the election period and on the day of poll. Armed police guards are also provided for security of election material. Besides, 1,000 police officer (S.Is and A.S.Is are also deployed to accompany the Sector Officers for law and order purposes.

Secretary to the Commission:

The Secretary to the State Election Commission has been posted by the GNCT of Delhi as Senior Officer from DANICS Cadre who has also been delegated powers of the HOD in the State Election Commission. He also looks after the functions of the State Election Commission as are specifically assigned to him by the Commission or as provided in the rules.

District Election Officer:

The Commission may appoint as many District Election Officers as it may consider necessary out of the officers working in the Commission or from those officers who may be borrowed from the Government, to look after the electoral rolls and the conduct of elections in a ward or wards. The D.E.Os shall function subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the Commission.

The Returning Officers, Assistant Returning Officers, Electoral Registration Officers and Asstt., Electoral Registration Officers are appointed out of the officers of the Government by designation (and not by name) so that these officers are always available for preparation of electoral  rolls/conduct of elections and transfers of officers does not affect the election work. Besides, such appointments continue throughout (even after elections) till the earlier notifications are superseded or cancelled and fresh ones are issued.