Polling Day

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All political parties and candidates shall :-

  • Co-operate with the officers on election duty to ensure peaceful and orderly polling and complete freedom to the voters to exercise their franchise without being subjected to any annoyance or obstruction. (S. 27 DMC Act)
  • Supply to their authorised workers suitable badges or identity cards.
  • Agree that the identity slips supplied by them to voters shall be on plain (white) papers and shall not contain any symbol, name of the candidate or the name of the party.
  • Refrain from serving or distributing liquor to voters or workers of a party or of a candidate on polling day and two days earlier to the poll.
  • Not allow unnecessary crowds to be collected near the camps set up by the political parties and candidates near the polling booths so as to avoid confrontation and tension among workers and sympathisers of the parties and candidate. (S. 25 DMC Act)
  • Ensure that the candidate's camps shall be simple -They shall not display any posters, flags, symbols or any other propaganda material. No eatables shall be served or crowds allowed at the camps; and (S. 25 DMC Act)
  • Co-operate with the authorities in complying with the restrictions to be imposed on the plying of vehicles on the polling day and obtain permits for them which should be displayed prominently on those vehicles. (S. 22(5) DMC Act)