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  • A party or candidate organising a procession shall decide before hand the time and place of the starting of the procession the route to be followed mid the time and place at which the procession will terminate. There shall ordinarily beno deviation from the programme.
  • The organisers shall give advance intimation to the local police authorities of the programme so as to enable the state to make necessary arrangements.
  • The organisers shall ascertain if ally restrictive orders are in force in the localities through which the procession has to pass, and shall comply with restrictions unless exempted specially by competent authority. Any traffic the regulations or restrictions shall also be carefully adhered to.
  • The organisers shall take steps in advance to arrange for passage of the procession so that there is no block or hindrance to traffic. If the procession is very long, it shall be organised in segments of suitable lengths, so that at convenient intervals, especially at points where the Ion procession has to pass road junctions, the passage of held-up traffic could be allowed by stages thus avoiding heavy traffic congestion.
  • Processions shall be so regulated as to keep as much to the right of the road as possible my and the direction and advice of the police on duty shall, be strictly complied with.
  • If two or more political parties or candidates propose to take processions over the same route or parts thereof at about the same time, the organisers shall establish contact well in advance and decide upon the measures to be taken to see that the processions do not clash or cause hindrance to traffic. The assistance of the local police shall be availed of for arriving at a satisfactory arrangement. For this purpose the parties shall contact the police at the earliest opportunity.
  • The political parties or candidates shall exercise control to the maximum extent possible in the matter of processionists carrying articles which may be put to misuse by undesirable elements, especially in moments of excitement.
  • The carrying of effigies purporting to represent members of other political parties or pr their leaders, burning such effigies in public and such other forms of demonstration shall not be countenanced by any political party or candidate or his agent.