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Aims and Objectives of the Organization :

State Election Commission is a constitutional authority appointed by the Administrator, Delhi under Article 243K and 243 ZA of the Constitution of India read with Sec. 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957. State Election Commissioner also performs as such authority for U.T. Chandigarh under the relevant Election Laws of the said U.T. The Superintendence, direction control of the preparation of the electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, all elections to the and the panchyats vest in the State Election Commission.

Brief History and Background of the Establishment :

Consequent to the 73rd and 74th amendment to the Constitution of India, the State Election Commissions were constituted in all the states and U.T.’s The Delhi state Election Commission was constituted in October 1993. Delimitation of wards was done on the basis of 1991 Census, and orders were issued under the signature of Administrator, Delhi on 30-12-1993. Order regarding reservation of seats was issued by the SEC on 24-03-1994. Out of a total of 134 wards 25 seats were reserved for SC’s, out of which 7 seats were reserved for women belonging to SC category. Out of remaining 109 seats were reserved for women belonging to SC category. Out of remaining 109 seats, 37 were reserved for women as per provisions of the Constitution and the DMC Act. The Commission conducted the General Elections to the MCD on 24-02-97, and then on 24-03-02. Bye-Elections to Six wards was held in June 2004 to fill causal vacancies.

Ever since its inception, the Commission has been functioning with the help of staff drawn from MCD and Govt. of Delhi in diverted capacity. 17 posts of different categories were created in March 2004 and two posts created in August 2005 on regular and functional basis to strengthen the Commission. These posts will be filled up by the Commission to have its own skilled and specialized established as soon as Recruitment Rules are notified.